Saturday, January 31, 2009

Some pictures of the latest finished work (by Misty)

This is Misty. I have taken over Mom's (Sony's) blog for the night. I took some photos for her last weekend on some of her finished work for Agave and a few "what-nots". It was like old times when I lived around the corner. At one point we had 3 kilns going, pictures being taken, web desiging going on, and of course, alot of chatting & coffee! It was a fun weekend and I so wish I lived closer, but.......

Here is the finished look of the pots in the Blue set. I LOVE this set! Mom did an amazing job with it. It is also apparently the favorite for most people who have seen it too. It is so rich, old-world looking. I think this set will do wonderfully!

This is the blue green set that reminds me of some of the waters near the Bahama's and in south Florida. I think it came out great and will also do well. Don't these plates just make you want to fix an amazing meal & open that special bottle of wine, and watch the sun set!

This piece was a Raku firing. I hope this picture does it justice. It was amazing piece up close, so full of life & depth. I have done a few Raku firings with Mom and it is always interesting to see what comes out (and sometimes what doesn't come out!).
The first time Mom talked about doing horse hair pottery, I thought she was loosing it. But now I can't get enough of the it! It is so much fun to do! One day she should tell you about her Annie Pot. Yes, the pot is named after the dog-can you guess why?

I will have to practice photographing the bowls. I really don't think the picture shows it as well as if you were holding & looking at it. I have the dragonfly coffe cup which is my absolute favorite cup! I drink my coffee almost every morning from it.

When Mom told me she wanted to name her pottery something special I never would have thought she would include me. It has been such an honor to be apart of this journey in my Mom's life and to be able to help out with it when I can.
Mom, you are my inspiration! Thank-you! Love ya, Misty

Monday, January 26, 2009

Busy weekend

This last weekend was fabulous. The other half of Miso Pottery (Misty) came down without the babies (I missed them but we would have played all weekend if they had come). We worked a bunch. While Misty was catching up with old friends I was at my first Clay Houston board meeting. Then we spent the rest of the time working on our Knitting Lagniappe* business. We are putting together a website with all kinds of neat lagniappe (a little extra) items, such as buttons, cups, yarn bowls, cards, bookmarks, etc . All will have a knitting theme. When the site is up and running we will blast it everywhere. Just hope people like it. I've attached a couple of pictures of a yarn bowl and coffee cup. Misty is the photographer so her pictures that you will see in the future are MUCH better.

Today was spent with Frank getting some tests (yes, he is fine, just routine) then I was out in the garage throwing cups and bowls.

Sunday I dropped off a bunch of things at the Agave Rd place - looking forward to that getting online also. That will be all kinds of things from dinnerware to home decor to jewelry. That should keep me busy and out of the stores. Meanwhile in my (chuckle) spare time, I'm working on a sweater for Yarntopia and baby hats for school. One day, I'll try being bored........

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Why "misopottery"

Some of you may wonder where the name "Miso Pottery" or misopots came from. It's easy - Misty and Sony. Together it forms MiSo or Miso. Misty is not a potter (yet) but she is the foundation, the wind, the force, the inspiration, the "go to" part of the operation. Her newest strength is in photography. You will know this by looking at her blog with all the pictures of the girls. (For those who do not know my daughter, Misty, she is mother to the four most precious girls, quads, who are 2 yrs old). The picture is one she recently took of a coffee cup I made her. Her photography shows off my work in a way that is warm and inviting. You will be seeing more of her work on my blog and on my web page.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


No pictures - just telling myself to get my stuff in order and get moving. I have to knit a sweater for the yarn store. THis week is the KISD Rodeo Art show, so that means Tues & Wed evenings are taken. Then Thur off to the Clay Houston meeting with a board meeting on Sat. HAVE< HAVE< HAVE TO throw today, glaze today and fire , fire, fire. Off of this computer and get your "you know what " moving.. Oh, and teach school all week.
Actuallly, I did do laundry, clean up the bedroom and organize a bunch of stuff. So I guess I'm not too lazy and it's only 1:00.
Off and running again... I'll post pictures of my latest firing next time and the yarn I'll be using for the Yarntopia sweater.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just out the fire....

Here are a couple of pieces just out of the kiln. Two are pieces that Frank helped me "horsehair". The bowl is for a friend, Carol, who is giving it a gift. We used the hair from her friend's horses to create the burned in colors. The smaller one is "burro hair". I used the shorter, less coarse hair from Jake, an adorable burro at Agave Road. I found out that burro hair is much harder to work with. It's shorter and less coarse, smudging more in the burning process. You have to work closer to the pot and yes, it is hot and smelly!!!! But the pot is nice.

For those who don't know how horsehair pottery is made here is the basic version.

A pot is made (I throw mine) and bisque fired (that means after it dries it is fired to about 1800 deg. to harden the clay permanently. Then it is refired to a lower temp., about 1400 deg. We pull it out of the kiln and have only a few minutes to lay the hairs on the pot. They burn, or carbonize into the pores of the vessel leaving black smudges and wandering lines. If the pot is too hot it vaporizes the hair, if too cool, nothing happens. Often, I put a wash of several colors of dirt and clay over my pots to give them an more "earthy" look. When cool, the pots are brushed and polished with wax or sealed with a clear sealer.
I still waiting to pull the dish sets out of the bigger kiln, but it's still too hot. I glazed them once but was not thrilled so added more glaze and tried again . Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't. We will see........

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Glazing pots today

Today I glaze the first of the "Agave" line of pots for consideration by Agave Road . It was easy making the pieces, but deciding on a glaze to give them an "old world" look yet keep with my own artistic nature has been thought provoking. Last night I settled on a look in my mind - now to see if it comes about. Here are the pieces in their "naked" form ready for color and life. Keep your fingers crossed.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The yarn world

Tonight I was in the yarn world - teaching a mother/daughter combination how to knit. Always fun introducing someone to the world of yarn. My daughter, Misty, laughs that it took me being on valium to teach her - she is wonderful knitter and spinner of beautiful yarns! We have shared such great times being together as knitters and "yarn harlots". Now I'm mixing yarn and mud by creating bowls and cups with a knitting theme as you can see from the picture.

Misty and I will be at the DFW Fiber Fest in late April with a booth. Keep your fingers crossed that we sell a lot.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My new adventure - entering the world of the "BLOG". I hope to use it as way of showcasing new work, letting people know where my work can be seen or purchased, what I'm doing with the clay, yarn, wood and fibers and where I hope to go with all of this.

Who am I?
Well, wife of 38 years to a really cute guy, Frank.
Mother to three awesome kids, Misty, Travis and Jeremy.
Mother-in-law to Beau and Natasha and future mother-in-law to Angie.
Grandmother to Kayla (13), Alexis (9), River, Rayne, JuJu & Skye (2) - yes , they are quads.

I'm a potter, painter, knitter, crafter, teacher and lover of life.

So, a little about my work. My pottery is a mixture of functional pieces, horsehair, raku and mixed media. A gallery of my work can be seen at I am currently working with Agave Rd, a event location , to create a line of pottery to carry their label as well as a line of knitting related pottery for Yarntopia ( . My favorite work is the the horsehair pieces. More about that in a later blog with pictures. Also, I love mixing found wood pieces with the pottery to create one-of-a-kind art pieces. One of these can be seen on the front page of this blog.
As a knitter, I love "altering" patterns to meet my creative spirit. I teach knitting at Yarntopia along with a before school program for 4th & 5th graders. I taught my mom at 81 and several of her friends to knit last year and they've since started a huge prayer shawl ministry along with knitting for troops, orphans, nursing homes and chuch bazaars. You go, girls!!!!!!
As a teacher, I love the kids and watching them explore the world of art. But boy can it be tiring and challenging.
So there I am in a nutshell - I would rather walk through the woods, than the mall, watch a flock of geese overhead instead of a movie (unless it's Phantom of the Opera), or play with my granddaughters instead of travel the world (been there, done that and have the tee shirts to prove it).
So now the adventure begins........