Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Knitting Lagniappe goes to Yarntopia

Follow us to Yarntopia - heaven for fiber lovers, knitters, spinners, crocheters and anyone who loves yarns. Misty and I will be debuting our hot selling items from the DFW Fiber Fest on Saturday, May 1st, from 11 -1:00. Some of you have seen our wonderful yarn bowls. Once you've used one, you are a fan of them. We had so many repeat customers up in Dallas wanting more.

But have you seen our knitting jewelry - no, the jewelry is not knitted or crocheted. It is for knitters and crocheters. Tools to be exact that are worn as jewelry. Exquisite enough for evening wear, fun enough for jeans and practical enough for that night out at the knitting guild. Are you intriqued? Then join us May 1st, from 11-1 at Yarntopia. Everyone who comes out gets a free , dazzling ring marker for either knitting or crocheting made just for Yarntopia customers that day. Watch for pictures in the next few days for this new item.

Monday, April 19, 2010

DFW Fiber Fest (part 2)

Misty here.....
I can't tell you how much fun it was to work the DFW Fiberfest again with Mom. She is such a creative genius and somehow manages to inspire the creativity in others (like me) who otherwise may never know they had any!
Here are some more pictures of our booth at the FiberFest. It was so much fun seeing faces from last year and how much they loved what they got.
Even more exciting, is that Yarntopia is planning a special event at their store to show case many of our items & items from some other vendors....stayed tuned for more details on that!

This whole table sold out by Sat evening! AMAZING!
Thanks Mom for another great weekend...and Beau thanks you for starting me on a new obsession.....hehehehehe

Friday, April 16, 2010

What's new these days

Well, Misty and I were vendors again this year at the DFW Fiber Fest, and well, we sold out. Yep, all the yarn bowls, most of the cups, all the scented stones and most of the new lines of jewelry items went. Came home with only one small box. What a trip!!!! We are so excited and ready for next year - well, maybe not ready. We have lots of pots to throw and things to make. Even had a "following" of customers who came back for more. How fun is that! Here is a picture of part of our booth.

The Agave Road dinnerware is going great, even added a new line. THis one is a deep red and beautiful. So things are happening still.