Friday, August 26, 2011

Funeral urns, stockings and dinnerware.....

Life is crazy since I got back from vacation = what a vacation. Jeremy and Natasha and of course Izzy, treated me to the best two weeks ever with a 3 day trip through Yellowstone, 2 days spent in Cody, Wy seeing our name in the Buffalo Bill Museum in the family registry (yes , we are related). Then lots of adventures, good food and Izzy time til I left.
Sadly, 3 days after getting back, my wonderful mother-in-law, Habie Landry, passed away. She had been bedridden lately and going down hill so fast. We knew it was close but still it hurts. She will be greatly missed. I learned a lot about being a "mother-in-law" from her. We've been to La to help with arrangements and will return for the memorial and internment.

So now I"m busy working on two urns for her ashes. Something I never thought I would be doing. Hard at times, joyous at others and a great honor. Here is a picture of the urns right after throwing and trimming.
I've been carving Mardi Gras images on them - her favorite thing in
life next to her family. One will go in the Hartley vault and one in the Boudreax vault.
In the meantime, I'm also throwing like crazy for Agave orders for the wedding registries and knitting samples for Yarntopia, including a cute snowflake stocking. I think going in different directions gives me peace and comfort.  Now back to the studio to throw some more.
Oh, did I mention, Knitting Lagniappe - going good. :) God truly has blessed us lately -