Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Time with the Babies

It's been awhile since I posted. I know most of you come here through Misty's blog. I appreciate it and always welcome comments. I've been really busy between firing pots, knitting for the yarn store, teaching knitting classes and spending a glorious weekend in Plano with the babies (or should I say little girls). They are so busy and so much fun. Of course, they wore their "Noni" and "PopPop" out!

Misty and I are working on our web page, www.knittinglagniappe.com which we hope to get up next month. It will be filled with yarn, knitting and fiber related gifts, gadgets, cards, and extras (that's the lagniappe part). See, lagniappe is Cajun French for "a little extra". Kinda like a baker's dozen. It's when the store owner gave the kids an extra scoop of ice cream; or the milk man (I know most of you don't remember those) left a carton of cream for your coffee even if you didn't order it; or the postman carried your packages inside for you so you wouldn't have to lift them. That's lagniappe. We will let you know when the site is up. We will also be having a booth at the Dallas/Fort Worth Fiber Fest. Scarry but hopefully fun and profitable. Misty will be debuting her photo notecards she is creating.

So be watching.....