Sunday, March 22, 2009

A "Homecoming" of sorts

Just found out that I will be having several "art" pieces hanging at the BECA Gallery/Museum in New Orleans in June. It is an interesting show with all work being displayed on a 12x12 canvas. No my pieces are not finished ready for photographing - I will post them when they are. But they will be ceramic, wood and fiber (mixed media) mounted in various ways. I have been waiting to get into something back in New Orleans art world - kinda like = see I really am an artist. Many family members are very supporting, but there is always that one that laughs at you. Well, guess who is laughing now. Should I invite him to the opening? We will see......

Meanwhile I just finished knitting a beautiful sweater for the yarn store along with baby hats for school baby showers. Am working on puppets for the girls. Hope to post those pictures later too.

The pottery for Agave Road is almost finished. I have the three sets at the location ready for showing customers. But have to finish the display models for the large platters, large bowl (14") and the pitchers. When the display is up I'll post that too. busy, busy busy......

Friday, March 13, 2009

Yeah!!! Lucky Friday 13th!!!

Well, I'm not going but I have a piece that has been selected by the Katherine Butler Gallery in Sarasota, Fl (one of the city's top galleries according to reports) to be in their 4th National Juried Show for April and May. I sent in three images and was thrilled to have one selected. Only 55 pieces from entries across the country were chosen. The piece is a little over a foot tall, thin and attached to a beautiful cedar knot of wood that I hollowed out. The ceramic vase is attached and another piece of cedar connects the two on the side. Kinda different I know. But they liked it and that is exciting. I'm attaching a picture of the piece. It's called simpley, "Garden Vase".
Misty's friend, Nicole, will hopefully get to go the opening night or at least get by to see it during the show. What makes this so special for me is that Misty and I went to this gallery several years ago when she lived in Sarasota. It was one of the highlights of my trip. And now, I'm going to have one of my pieces of art on display. A really nice feeling as an artist.
Yes, I can truly call myself that these days.
And even more exciting news = little ISABELLA will be here in July. Jer and Nat, congratulations on having another little girl to add to our group. That is so exciting. I have several patterns in mind to start for her. Frank loves the name, Izzy. What a lucky day today is!!!!!