Sunday, December 20, 2009

Catching Up

It's been a long time. Life has been busy. The paintings all sold, the pots have moved to new homes and I'm one busy lady. The pottery for Agave Rd has really taken off, with new orders every month. Sets are selling well and even a line of candles with the holders matching the dinner ware are on line. Love it!
The yarn bowls are selling as fast as I make them. What a joy! It's a fun way to join my knitting and my love of clay. I've made a new pattern for a "neck warmer" that will be selling at my favorite yarn store, Yarntopia, along with my buttons. So the world of Mud and Yarn is doing well.
I was very busy this last year with Frank out of work = but God blessed him with a beautiful job that has lightened our load. We have a beautiful new granddaughter, Izzy, and of course the quads are always a delight and now are 3 yrs old. Our other granddaughters are into the teen and preteen years - Heaven help their dad.
No pictures today - just telling the world how grateful I am for our Lord's help, strength, and his unconditional love and blessings. I thank you, dear Lord.
May we all remember his love this time of year.