Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dreams of childhood are real...

I always ask my students what they want to be when they grow up. I love their honest and uninhibited answers. They have no boundries. When I was little I had a dream = to be an artist. To paint when I wanted to , to play with clay when I wanted to and to make things how and when I wanted. To be an artist......
But I found out that the Lord had other plans for me first. He led me to Frank, and gave me time to play and grow with Misty, Travis and Jeremy. He taught me humility, patience, perseverance, and love. He strengthened me, made me limber enough to bend, able to ask for forgiveness and to give forgiveness. He showed me the world and the beauty in all things large and small , but mostly in people. He taught me to get up when I fell, to reach out and help someone else who had fallen and to not look down at those less fortunate, because they may be more blessed than you in the things that matter. He showed me that you give where it is needed, not to balance an account. And He taught me that tomorrow will always hold new promises of joy and laughter even as the tears fall.
He knew that I needed these lessons before I was ready to be an artist.
Today I give all glory and thanks for these lessons - for He has blessed me with the opportunity to live the dream I felt as a child. Starting June 4 I become a full time artist, as I retire from teaching but not from life. Thank you, Lord!!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The beautiful artwork of
Sony Hartly & Misty Urech
Knitting Lagniappe
is in the shop through Mother's Day.
Send your family in for the perfect gift.

These are the words on the Yarntopia website - go to to see the picture of our work. It is awesome having Misty as a partner . Her work is amazing and to think she just started. People were buying up her necklaces so fast.

It is fun to see our creative endeavors taking off. My pottery has really gone to new places, new ideas and new techniques. I'll go into all of this more one day. But for now - just know that God has truly blessed me with so many outlets and so many new doors. It's humbling. I thank you, Dear Lord , with all my heart.

More and more you will see things that Misty and I will be doing together. Who knows, maybe we will even put the quads to work? Hmmm..... how old do they have to be before child labor laws don' t affect us?