Saturday, June 25, 2011

Knittin' time

Bead show went well, focusing on some art projects now for a show at 18 Hands Gallery in the Heights. I like that show - always a fun one and usually sell a few pieces. So we will see - got some interesting things in the kiln firing up now. But I need to get on to some knitting - some new classes coming up next month at Yarntopia (if you are in Katy/Houston, gotta go there!). 

One thing I want to do is knit another one of my beaded shawls for practice, design a poncho and some hats, maybe even a few purses. Gotta get busy.......

Next month is another bead show, but have a  lot left from the last one so I'm in good shape but I'll make a few more of the pendants and fun beads like the fish ones. 

I'm attaching a picture of the shawl I want to make - have sold a bunch of the patterns, so I want to be sure it's knitting nicely.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Bead Trunk Show this Sat, June 18

Time for my first bead/button trunk show at a Bead Shop. A little nervous, a new adventure but , what the heck - should be fun if nothing else. Love meeting new people and they always give me such great ideas.

The show is Saturday at the Back Room Beads on 10th Ave (corner of 10th and Ave A ) in Old Katy. I know, I know, some of you don't live here, but there are flights (just teasing). I'll be there from 10-5pm at the table as you walk in. I'm posting a few pics of some of the beads and "baubles". They are ceramic, but there will also be some awesome wire connectors, beads and pendants from my talented daughter, Misty.Gotta see those.As soon as the mail gets here with them, I'll try to post those too.
If you see anything you gotta have, just email me ( or leave a comment and I'll get back to you.

Happy Friday,

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

when mud and yarn and buffalo meet....

When mud meets buffalo yarn , this is what happens. This is one of the buttons custom designed for the Buffalo Wool Company. You really need to check out their site and their yarns - luscious. Like wool, buffalo yarn wicks the moisture but is lighter and warmer actually than wool. So nice to knit with. I'm working with them to design some patterns, buttons and shawl pins for them. So if you see them at a show ( they travel all over the world ), be sure to check them out. I loved knitting this for them.

Working on some other mud+yarn items too - some beads for the bead show. I took out a bunch of red ones yesterday. I'll have to post those  - they are awesome. Surprised myself.. I kinda like this "bead making". It's very relaxing and fun. Now to put some of those into some jewelry pieces. hm.mmmm......