Saturday, November 19, 2011

WooHoo - made the top 20 list

Check out this webpage - seems Knitting Lagniappe is listed at #19 in the top 20 knitting sites on the web. Not sure how that happened but love it.  If you get a chance, visit the site and vote for us. Who knows maybe one day we will break into the top 10.

Our Knitting Lagnaippe site is . Here is a picture of some of the products we carry there:

These are some of the yarn carousels and yarn bowls. We also have patterns, buttons, cups, scented stones, and more.                                 It's been fun setting up the website and we've been really lucky to have several national magazines pick up some of our products for review. Knitting Today featured one of our carousels in the Aug/Sept issue and in the Jan/Feb issue of another magazine (can't say yet til it comes out) but you will see another one of products featured.
Misty is working on getting her jewelry for knitters and crocheters on the site along with her beautiful shawl pins. They have been very popular at the Fiber Fests and at Yarntopia here in Katy.

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