Thursday, November 3, 2011

Well....... Oct surprise

Yep, October ended with a big surprise. Instead of heading off to Boerne, Tx for the big Kid-n-Ewe Fiber Fest, I was in the emergency room having a 5 hour surgery for a ruptured colon. So life has taken a dramatic change. I'll be heading back to surgery in a couple of months to put me all back together. Thank goodness for modern medicine. So, no more shows for awhile, no more pottery for awhile, no more running around like a crazy woman (well, the crazy part  and the woman part will never leave) but not together for awhile.
Instead, I'll be in my easy chair knitting, designing , writing and plotting. I'll be playing with the new ceramic spindles I made. I kinda like them.... Will have to put in a picture later.

Also, I'll be busy catching up on paperwork (YUCK), organizing (bleah!) and things like that. Learning to let go has been hard, a few tears, a few down moments, but I remember that the Good Lord saved me for something, so I will be stronger in the long run.

So now, my mind gets to wander, dream new dreams, plan new projects and look forward to the day when I get back into my mud and fire in the studio.

My body and mind will never be the same - but guess that's what life is all about. I have an awesome family and group of friends that  have surrounded me with love and support - what greater October gift could I have :)

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